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Pattern Revisions for The Knitter’s Year

Baby Cardigan

page 38

Only 3.25mm (US 3) needles are needed for this design.

Baby Sandals

page 56


Before shaping the instep it should read:

12th row As 2nd row.
K 12 rows.

page 56

When casting off the 12 sts along the first side edge of the strap, continue and cast off the 20 sts on the needle.

Pompon Handwarmers

page 92

After working the first 2 rows of the thumb shaping, you will continue the thumb on 18(19) sts, not just the 13(14) sts.
After completing the thumb you will have 32(57) sts on the needle.

Cabled Moss Stitch Beret

page 95

The increase row after the first 4 moss st rows should end...to last 8 sts, p2, pfb, p2, k1, pkp, k1. 121 sts.

Chunky Scarf

page 120

The needle size quoted is incorrect, please change this to 10mm (US 15).

Tartan/Plaid Cushion

page 124


On the chart, the vertical line to the left hand side of the 20-st repeat should be moved 3 squares to the left.

Door Stop

page 134

The 1st row is the wrong side row, the 2nd row is the right side.
Work in patt and end with a wrong side row.

Noel Letters

page 137

Letter L

You will need to work 59 rows, working the chart to the end of row 39, then repeating chart rows 32 to 39 once more before working the last 12 chart rows. If you would like a replacement L chart, please e-mail:

Hot Water Bottle Cover

page 142


After casting on 43 sts, work the 7th to 12th rows as given for Front ONCE only, then continue as follows:

[Work 1st to 12th rows as given for Front] 5 times, then work 1st to 6th rows once more.
After working the next 6 rows on 4mm (US 6) needles, change to 5mm (US 8) needles to work the last 10 rows.


page 84


Cont in this way to dec 2 sts on next row and every foll 10th row until 57 sts rem, ending with a dec row.