Pattern Revisions for The Cashmere Collection


page 21


The second size of the Front neck shaping should read:
With right side facing, slip centre 30 sts onto a holder, rejoin yarn to rem sts, patt to last 4 sts, k2tog, k2.
Next row P2, p2tog, patt to end.
Next row cast off 3 sts, patt to last 4 sts, k2tog, k2.
The work as given in the book.


page 26/27


Shape neck
1st row (right side) K2, p2, k1, skpo, p5, C3B, p1, k6, turn and leave rem 14 sts on a holder for neck.
3rd row K2, p2, k1, skpo, p4, C3B, p1, k2, skpo.


Shape neck
1st row (right side) patt 14 sts and leave these sts on a holder for neck, k6, p1, C3F, p5, k2tog, k1, p2, k2.


The st count before starting the raglan shaping, should read: 61 sts.


Following some queries from customers, please read the notes below as well as the errata above.
1. On the BACK, when working the cable increase row, the first 2 sts which are held on the cable needle are worked as kfb, k1, so increasing 1 st at this point, then after holding the next 3 sts on a cable needle, the foll 2 sts on the left needle are also worked as kfb, k1.
2. After the cable increase row which stands as a 1st row of the blackberry st pattern, the next row that is worked is a wrong side row and stands as the 2nd blackberry st row, (some knitters have assumed that the next row to be worked is a 1st row again) however because the increase sts need to be worked into the pattern, where previously k10 or p10 were worked, this will now be k12 or p12, but only where the horseshoe cables are worked, not over the 10 sts in stocking stitch that occur at the beginning and end of each row,
3, After the cable increase row the instructions state that you should work 7 rows then the cable row, this is correct, beginning with the 2nd blackberry patt row (see query 2 above).


page 40/41


After working the 4 rib rows and the 1st dec row, rib 3 rows not 4, then work the 2nd dec row and rib 5 rows, not 4, then work the 3rd dec row and rib 5 rows as in the instructions.
Once these 20 rows have been worked, the rib rows would now be set as:
RS - [K2, p2] 3 times, [k2, p4] 1(2:3) times, k2, [p2, k2] 3 times.
The rows are now set with the centre 8(14:20) sts still worked as k2, p4, rib, but the 12 sts at each end of the rows worked as k2, p2 rib - this has been set by the decrease rows.
When working the inc rows, the inc sts are taken into k2, p2 rib as stated so they continue the rib that has been set.