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Pattern Revisions for Debbie Bliss Magazine Spring/Summer 2010

1. Hooded Kaftan

page 66


After working the first row, the following row should read:
Next row (wrong side) K5, p to last 5 sts, k5.
This correction also needs to be made to every wrong side row until you have 99 (105, 115, 121, 131, 137, 145, 151) sts, the instructions are then correct as printed.

2. Cabled Cricket Sweater

page 68


Wrong side decrease rows should end with rib sts, not purl sts.

6. Asymmetric Poncho

page 72


The finished bust measurement should read: 145cm/57in.

21. Cabled Waistcoat

page 88

Left Front

After forming the 4 pattern rows, cont in patt until front measures 32(33:34:35:36)cm/12½(13:13½:13¾:14¼)in, before working the armhole shaping.

31. Pleat Neck Tunic

page 99


After working the buttonhole row, you need to work two K rows, not one, before working the cast/bind off row.

33. Kaftan

page 101


After working the left side of the neck and shoulder shaping, the instructions should read:

With right side facing, rejoin yarn to rem 28(30:32:34:36) sts on holder, k to end.

8. Cabled Tank Top

page 74


Once the neck shaping is complete as given for the Back, you need to continue straight in pattern until the front measures the same as the Back to the start of the shoulder shaping, then work exactly as given for the Back.