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Pattern Revisions for Simply Crochet


page 19

Crochet Motif

4th round 5ch (counts as first tr and 2ch), [2tr/dc, 2ch, 2tr/dc] in next ch-sp, * 2ch, miss 2tr/dc, 1tr/dc in next tr/dc, [2ch, 1tr/dc in next tr/dc] twice, 2ch, [2tr/dc, 2ch, 2tr/dc] in next ch-sp; rep from * twice more, 2ch, miss 2tr/dc, [1tr/dc in next tr/dc, 2ch] twice, ss in 3rd of 5ch.
Fasten off.


page 31

Foundation row (right side) 1tr/dc in 8th ch from hook, [2ch, miss 2ch, 1tr/dc in next ch] to end, turn.


page 40

After working the 3rd crochet motif, the following sentence should read:
Cont in this way until 12(12:13:13) motifs have been worked, join the 12th(12th:13th:13th) motif to first motif on the 7th, 8th and 9th picots to form a ring.