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Pattern Revisions for Paloma

Wrapover Jacket

page 23

Right Front Collar Extension

You work until the extension fits across the top of the right sleeve, not left sleeve.

page 21

Right Front

After working the 13 rows, take 2 more sts into patt on every wrong side row until there are 49(53:59:63) sts on the right hand needle.
Next row As 3rd row.
Next row P to end.

Shape right front neck
Next row [K1, p1] 6 times, ssk, rib to end.

page 21

Left Front

The 2nd to last row, should read:
Next row Sk2togpo, [p1, k1] to end. 11 sts.

Wide Necked Sweater

page 26

When sewing sleeves into armholes, the row ends above markers are sewn to sts cast off for armhole.

Moss Stitch Jacket

page 33 – 35

The US equivalent to 10mm needle size has been wrongly given as US 10½ and should be US 15.
When shaping the Sleeve top, after working 4 rows straight the following line should read:
Dec 1 st at each end of next row and foll 6th row (not rows).

Easy Knit Raglan Sweater

page 41

Back and Front

After the Inc row, please insert: Work 5 rows.