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Pattern Revisions for Knits to Give

iPad Cover

page 58

The size is approximately 48cm/19in.
The amount of lining fabric you will need is 27 x 50cm/10¾ x 19¾in.

Houndstooth Dog Jacket

page 68

2nd column - 9th line down from top:
Next row K to last 2 sts, k2tog.


page 86

Second Leg

Shape crotch
After working the cast off row, remove the line: Patt 1 row.

Sun Hat

page 95

After the 4th inc row and before the Edging, it should read:
Work 2 rows, not K 2 rows.

Party Shrug

page 115

Right Front Border and Collar

Cont in this way working 4 extra sts on every WRONG side row until all sts have been worked, ending with a right side row.

Tea Cosy Wrap

page 134

7th row As 5th row.
9th row As 3rd row.
11th row As 1st row.
16th row K2, p4, C4F, p4.
17th row As 15th row.

Hot Water Bottle Cover

page 139

Shape Shoulders

In 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 9th and 15th rows, the centre sts should be worked as purl sts, not k sts.

"Home Is Where The Heart Is" Cushion

page 153

There are changes to the number of rows worked in each section:
After the 4 rows in moss st, work 21 rows in st st.
Work 26 rows in st st before placing the chart.
When working the chart, there are 22 sts at each side of the 33 chart sts.
After the 52 chart rows, work a further 23 rows in st st.
After working the second ridge row, work 78 rows in st st before the buttonhole row.