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Pattern Revisions for Folk Chic

Cabled Sweater

page 19


On the schematic of the Back and Front, the metric lengths should read: 52(54:56:58)cm, the imperial measurements are correct.

Jacket with Button Detail

page 23

This page had parts of the Sleeve, Front Bands & Collar missing, your copy should have an insert sheet that will rectify this, but if this is also missing please contact rosy@debbieblissmagazine.com for a copy.

Rib and Cable Cape

page 25


Towards the end of the Front, the instructions should say:
Rep the last 2 rows until front measures 54cm/21¼in and 61cm/24in.

Fair Isle Jacket

page 32

Collar Edging

The edging is picked up along the Left side of the collar first then after the sts on the holder have been worked, the remaining sts are picked up along the Right side of the collar.

Button Band

Pick up the sts along the left front edge down to the picot row.

Buttonhole Band

Pick up the sts along the right front edge above the picot row.

page 33


The line at the extreme right hand side of the chart, should read: Start Right Front 1st and 4th sizes, NOT End Left Front 1st and 4th sizes.

Poncho Wrap

page 37

After working the 10 rows of broken rib, you need to work in patt until work measures 49cm/19¼in from cast on edge, not **.