Pattern Revisions for Debbie Bliss Magazine Fall/Winter 2010

It's not knitting, but it is NELL'S KITCHEN - there was a problem with the recipe for the FRUITCAKE on page 11.

The ingredients are correct, but the method is as follows:
* Soak the mixed fruit and sugar overnight in the tea, cover and set aside.
* Soften the butter, beat the eggs and combine.
* Fold the flour and spice into the butter and egg mixture, then fold in the tea, sugar and fruit.
* Stir in the marmalade.
* Pour into a 7-inch greased cake tin and bake for 2 hours, or until done, at 330F/165C.
* Allow to sit in tin for 10 minutes before removing.

2. Tartan Wrap

page 63

The instructions and chart given will produce two identical pieces, the same as the piece that appears on the models right hand side (left side as you look at the image).

3. Cropped Fair Isle Cardigan

page 64


The row tension should read 34 rows to 10cm/4in.

page 65


All Gold squares shown on chart rows 33 to 39 should be coloured (and worked) for Camel, gold squares in other rows are correct. This does not alter the yarn amounts quoted.

6. V Neck Cardigan

page 69


The row tension should read 34 rows to 10cm/4in.

21. Duffel Bag

page 90

Each yrn in the eyelet row should be worked as y2rn in order to keep the stitch count constant and the hole large enough to take the eyelet.

34. Pearly Kings and Queens Wrap

page 100

Repeat the 8 patt rows until piece measures 132cm/52in, not 51cm/20in.