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Pattern Revisions for Debbie Bliss Magazine Fall/Winter 2009

1. Tweed Shoulder Bag

page 68

Pattern Panel C

12th row P4, C4FP, C4BP, p4.

page 68


Use 6.50mm (US 10 1/2) knitting needles.

2. Riding Coat

page 69


The yarn for this design is Debbie Bliss/KFI Luxury Tweed Chunky, not Donegal Luxury Tweed.

3. Boxy Jacket

page 71

Pocket Tops

With right side facing, 4.50mm (US 7) needles and C, k across 19(19:19:19:21:21:21:21) sts on holder.
K 3 rows.
Cast off.

To Make Up

Join side and sleeve seams. Sew sleeves into armholes, easing to fit. Sew in zip. Sew down pocket top edges and slipstitch pocket linings in place to wrong side of fronts.

4. Curved Edge Jacket

page 72

Left Front

19th row T3F should read C3FP.

5. Sleeveless Coat

page 74

Right Front Band

...pick up and k180(183:186:189) sts up right front edge, then 14(15:16:17) sts along back neck edge to marker. 194(198:202:206) sts.
This st count should also be followed for the Left Front Band.

11. Cropped Cable Sweater

page 80

The measurement shown on the schematic for the side seam should read: 32.5cm/12¾in, not 46cm/18in.

13. A Line Coat

page 82

On the Back, Right Front and Left Front, the 3rd dec row should be called 4th dec row and 4th dec row should be called 7th dec row.


4th row P9(12:15), * [k1, p1] twice, k1, p9, rep from * 6 times more, p0(3,6).

Right Front

1st dec row (wrong side) K9(12:15), [patt 5, k3, s2togkpo, k3] 3 times, patt 6.

24. Broken Rib Cardigan

page 92

Sew row ends of collar to back neck edge, easing to fit.

35. Rabbit

page 102


After the 26th row, it should read: K 29 rows.


After the 41st row and the following K 1 row, please insert:

43rd row K1, ssk, k2tog, sl 2tog, k1, pass2 sl sts over, ssk, k2tog, k1. 7 sts.