Pattern Revisions for Eco


Leaf Jacket

page 55

BACK Shape armholes

On the last "Next row" at the bottom of the 1st column, there is a figure missing in the centre of the row for the largest size, this row should read as follows:
Next row K6(7:8:9:10:11), p5, k7, p3, k7, p5, k16(18:20:22:24:26), p5, k7, p3, k7, p5, k6(7:8:9:10:11).
On the following row, the k12(14:16:18:20:22) in the centre of the row, should be worked as p12(14:16:18:20:22), so will read:
Next row P4(5:6:7:8:9), * p2tog, skpo, k1, k2tog, pfb, p6, k3, p6, pfb, skpo, k1, k2tog, p2tog *, p12(14:16:18:20:22), work from * to *, p4(5:6:7:8:9).

page 56

RIGHT FRONT Shape armhole

The 7th Next row should read: K5(6:7:8:9:10), p3, k8, p5, k8, p3, k11(12:13:14:15:16).

Cable Waistcoat

page 70

Left Front

After forming the 4 pattern rows, cont in patt until front measures 32(33:34:35:36)cm/12 1/2(13:13 1/2:13 3/4:14 1/4)in, before working the armhole shaping.