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Pattern Revisions for Design It, Knit It Babies

Patchwork Blanket

page 36

Motif G

3rd row K to end.
4th row Work across 1st row of Chart.
5th row Work across 2nd row of Chart.
These 2 rows set the position of the Chart.
6th to 34th rows Work 3rd to 31st rows of Chart.
35th row K to end.
36th row P to end.
37th row K to end.

Chevron Cardigan

page 48

The needle size at the start of the Back and Fronts, should read: 3.25mm (US 3).

Incubator Blanket

page 62

After the 10th pattern row, the next sentence should read:
11th to 16th rows Rep the 9th and 10th rows, 3 times more.

Alphabet Charts

page 146

The S chart has been printed with 24 sts instead of 23, one st from the outer edge around the right hand side of the S should be removed.
If you require a replacement S chart, please e-mail: rosy@debbieblissmagazine.com and head your mail S CHART.

Chart Key should read:
A = k on right side rows and p on wrong side rows.
B = p on right side rows and k on wrong side rows.

Spanish Dress

page 97

Right Back

After casting off sts at start of armhole shaping, you need to patt one row before working the armhole decrease rows, then after the last decrease, patt 21(21:23:23:25) rows.

page 98

Left Back

The last armhole decrease is worked at the END of the row, then after the last decrease, the next line should read:
Patt 22(22:24:24:26) rows, so ending with a RIGHT side row.