Pattern Revisions for Bella

Garter Stitch Jacket

page 41

Fronts and back

Worked in one piece to armholes.
After working the first decrease row and the following 13 rows, the pattern is worked as follows:

Dec row P63(69:75:81:87), p2tog, p16, p2tog, p89(103:117:131:145), p2tog, p16, p2tog, p63(69:75:81:87). 251(277:303:329:355) sts.
Next row P to end.
Next 2 rows K18, p215(241:267:293:319), k18.
Next row P to end.
Rep the last 4 rows twice more.
Cont in this way to dec 4 sts on next row and 3 foll 14th rows (there will be 13 rows in patt between each dec row), ending with the last dec row. 235(261:287:313:339) sts.