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Pattern Revisions for Baby Cashmerino 4

Cable Cardigan

page 8


3rd row P2, [C2F, p2] 2(3:4) times, [k4, C8B, p2, C2F, p2] 6 times, k4, C8B, [p2, C2F] 2(3:4) times, p2.
7th row P2, [C2F, p2] 2(3:4) times, [C8F, k4, p2, C2F, p2] 6 times, C8F, k4, [p2, C2F] 2(3:4) times, p2.

Fair Isle Outfit

page 63


There is a vertical line of squares missing from the extreme left hand edge of the chart, this is a repeat of the vertical line at the extreme right hand edge. So there will be one edge st at the right hand edge, 8 pattern repeat sts, then 2 edge sts at the left hand edge.
If you require an amended chart please send an e-mail marked Fairisle Cardigan Chart to: rosy@debbieblissmagazine.com.

Cabled Skirt

page 23


Actual chest should read: HIPS and actual length to shoulder should read: LENGTH.

Duffel Jacket

page 58


The word VENT could be misleading and the centre stitches form a PLEAT.
The slip sts that define the pleat are worked on every row until 92(94:96) sts remain, then on the following row, you will be casting off the centre 26 sts.
When making up, allow the back pleat to fold naturally along the slip st foldlines and sew cast off edge in position.

The 1st and 2nd rows of the Back need to be reversed, but the 1st row is still a wrong side row:
1st row (wrong side) K64(67:70), sl 1, k12, sl 1, k64(67:70).
2nd row K57(60:63), sl 1, k26, sl 1, k57(60:63).

Striped Jumper

page 35

To make up

Please add:
Sew cast on edge of collar to cast off edge of back neck, easing to fit.

Fairisle Jacket

page 38


The 18th row should be worked as P not K and 19th row should be worked as K not P.